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Independent Consultation

Sage Health Services of Indiana, Inc. is experienced in Desk Audits and Site Reviews, which result in a comprehensive list of the strengths and weaknesses of a long-term care operation, an evaluation of current management, and strategic plan recommendations.

The Desk Audit encompasses a review of current operating statements, receivable and payable statistics, labor distributions, balance sheets, and cost reports. A desk audit alone gives surprising insight into correctable operational problems. Our review outlines not only these problems, but suggests courses of action and proven systems for correction.

The Site Review involves a multidisciplinary visit by accounting, clinical, and administrative staff members. Operational audits are conducted and scored against national standards, and a plan of correction is developed based on the results. These audits are conducted in the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Adult Recreation
  • Business Office Services
  • Dietary Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Inservice
  • Marketing and Admissions
  • MDS
  • Nursing Services
  • Personnel Management
  • Social Services
  • Special Care Units

Site Reviews also include a review of all local competitors. Current practices, pricing, and physical plants are contrasted at the local level. Concrete, cost-effective recommendations are made to enhance an operation’s revenues and market share. Strategic referral sources in the area are also visited. Hospital discharge planners, ombudsman, and geriatric case managers are questioned, resulting in a composite picture of the steps needed to rectify any problems that are uncovered. We can be reached at 812-422-7774.

Our senior staff members will present a compilation of our Independent Consultation Report findings to your key employees. If the best that can be done is in fact being done, we will not hesitate to say so. However, most often we can offer specific recommendations for change, as well as the systems to support that change.

Due Diligence

With many years of successful operation and management of long-term care facilities, it’s not surprising that investors, lenders, and owners of healthcare facilities look to Sage Health Services of Indiana for due diligence services. Our executives have the specialized knowledge and the skills set required for conducting a thorough and comprehensive due diligence audit.

Whether it’s a single institution or an established health care chain, we begin with a detailed examination of the operations by reviewing current operating statements, including receivable and payable statistics, labor distributions, balance sheets, and Medicare and Medicaid cost reports. Our review not only examines this information, but also analyzes market studies, proformas and financial projections, and surveys conducted by federal and state regulatory agencies. Environmental studies and appraisals are then reviewed and on-site property inspections conducted.

At the conclusion of the due diligence process, you will receive a detailed report with a clear overview of the facility’s financial health, compliance status, physical plant issues, competition survey, and a market share analysis. Our report is structured to detect problems, identify areas of concern, and recommend solutions before negotiating the business transaction.

To learn more about Sage’s Due Diligence services, call 812-422-7774.

Comprehensive Yearly Audit

More than ever, portfolio quality is critical to profitability and viability. Reviewing individual loans is a prudent move, but the complexities of some industries present challenges to in-house staff. Sage Health Services of Indiana’s Comprehensive Yearly Audit is a thorough, independent examination into the health of your long-term care portfolio.

If your lending portfolio includes long-term health care facilities, Sage Health Services of Indiana offers the specialized expertise to help you monitor and evaluate individual loans. Whether you’re lending to one facility or a thousand, we’ll help you head off problems and identify opportunities. Most of all, we’ll let you focus your energy on what you do best.

Our Comprehensive Yearly Audit service is the centerpiece of our relationship with you. Our seasoned staff of CPAs and clinical specialists uses a multi-disciplinary approach to perform a thorough analysis of all relevant information. Our specialized expertise means we’ll handle the process more cost-effectively, more accurately, and more thoroughly.

We accept your data in any format – or gather it for you – and then use our customized reporting system to standardize and present it in clear, concise reports. We review and evaluate state and national norms, presenting them for comparison.

At year-end, you receive an executive summary and detailed reports with a clear overview of each facility’s financial health and compliance status. The reports are structured to identify areas of concern and detect problems before they become serious. You gain the insight you need to make confident business decisions.

We provide a Summary of Operational Status, along with detailed information on:

  • Cost Reporting
  • Licensure Compliance
  • Reimbursement Ratios
  • Efficiency Ratios
  • Solvency Ratios
  • State Norms
  • State and Federal Rankings
  • State Reimbursement

Our format includes benchmarking data, making it particularly useful for multiple-year trending. Just as important, we identify opportunities for new lending or restructuring current debt that might not have been immediately apparent.

In addition to annual audits, we provide interim information on a variety of matters, among them:

  • Cost Report Data
  • Licensure Compliance
  • State and Federal Reimbursement

To learn more about the ways in which our staff’s specialized expertise can improve your oversight of health care lending, call us at 812-422-7774 for a no-obligation initial consultation.