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Plan of Correction “Perfection”

Need a coach by your side as you complete your survey Plan of Correction? How about a Registered Nurse with years of long-term care administrative experience, who can review your clinical systems implementation, who has ideas for appropriate follow up training, and who can make specific compliance recommendations? With over 27 years of experience in the management and ownership of long-term care centers, we know what it takes to develop an acceptable Plan of Correction, as well as the actions necessary to put that plan in place.

Quality Assurance Audit Program

Sage believes that customer satisfaction, employee retention, and regulatory compliance should be assured rather than managed. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide professional resources, management education, and audit tools that will facilitate a pattern of growth for a long-term care facility.

The objectives of the Q.A. Audit Program are to provide quality services to our customers; promote professional relationships with referral sources; achieve employee loyalty, competence, and retention; and to remain in compliance with all regulatory agencies.

The Q.A. Audit Program developed by Sage Health Services of Indiana, Inc. is very positive in nature. Facility staff members identify their areas of weakness, generate problem-solving ideas, and plan and implement positive changes. They share in the success of their efforts. Sage support staff members are always available to provide hands-on policy implementation, educational programs, management assistance, and professional support. Our coaching style and positive attitude make Q. A. Audits a learning experience that staff members can embrace.

Audit tools have been developed for areas of:

  • Administration
  • Adult Recreation
  • Business Office Services
  • Dietary Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Inservice
  • Marketing and Admissions
  • MDS
  • Nursing Services
  • Personnel Management
  • Social Services
  • Special Care Units

Regulatory Compliance

Achieving regulatory compliance is becoming more difficult with every passing year. Federal regulations are more stringent and reimbursement is declining. Avoiding deficient practices during a survey that place your facility in jeopardy of fines and denial of payment for new admissions is vital to your facility’s financial health.

Our clinical experts can help you resolve the regulatory problems you may be encountering. We can review your facility’s statement of deficiencies and make recommendations to improve your clinical systems that will ensure continued regulatory compliance.

Based upon your facility’s Quality Indicator results, our clinical staff can assist you in developing a Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement program. This program will provide your facility’s clinical team with consistent auditing results upon which regular improvements can be made. Thus, your center can consistently assure compliance and customer satisfaction.

We are available for on-site visits to assist you in solving immediate problems, or we are ready to provide consultative oversight to your team for long-term results.