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Facility Operations Management Services

In addition to our accounting and consultation services, we can also assume full responsibility for long-term care operation. From single institutions to established chains of nursing homes, we provide expert management at all levels, increasing profits and representing the interests of the facility in a professional, ethical manner.

Controlling the product is our forte. Our market plans, outreach programs, sales courses, and quality standards are specifically tailored to increase revenues without increasing overhead. Our cost control programs and timely review of fiscal results make a noticeable and welcome difference in profit margins.

Of course, we are aware that our programs and policies are only as effective as their reception by middle managers. Therefore, all new procedures are sensitively introduced and carefully explained. All of our executives enthusiastically participate in transition activities and facility operations – training, coaching, and leading the entire staff to successful implementation.

Whether our services are secured through contract or receivership, once established, we continue to improve and upgrade management services. Working closely with a top health care law firm, we receive daily updates on all pertinent operational and clinical requirements – from certificate of need issues and cost reimbursement procedures to state and federal regulation and facility contract obligation. These contemporary standards of performance are immediately implemented to assure compliance with licensure requirements, maximization of reimbursement, and capture of optimum market share.

Accountability is introduced at every level of the facility organization. Our quality assurance program spells success, not just in clinical excellence, but just as importantly, in fiscal control. The staff is trained on published standards of performance and regularly audited in the areas of:

  • Administration
  • Adult Recreation
  • Business Office Services
  • Dietary Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Inservice
  • Marketing and Admissions
  • MDS
  • Nursing Services
  • Personnel Management
  • Social Services
  • Special Care Units

Detailed budgets are developed and monitored for compliance in all facility departments. Comprehensive operational and marketing plans are developed and implemented.

Staff development and training are the foundation of our success. From an assortment of long-term care training modalities developed by our experts to educational programs developed to meet specific needs at a single facility, our training expertise is one of our greatest strengths. Our extensive lending library of health-related publications is available free-of-charge to all clients.

The implementation of new revenue-producing products is part of our repertoire. We have developed such services and specialties as units for persons with cognitive impairments, Ventilator Units, Sub-Acute Units, and wound and rehab specialties. Sage has worked with long-term care centers offering psychiatric care for the elderly, as well as assisted living services. We have also guided centers through Joint Commission accreditation.

We maintain excellent working relationships with the prime vendors used by health care institutions. From pills to pumps, we can procure the necessary materials to efficiently operate a health care center.

When you decide to partner with Sage Health Services of Indiana, you’re guaranteed an experienced team who will work toward the accomplishment of your goals.

Company Manners Program

At the heart of all we do in the centers we manage is our Company Manners philosophy. It is our desire and our mission for our centers to display a sincere concern and professional demeanor to all of our publics. The facility’s public includes residents, families, inquirers, community citizens, friends, consultants, staff members, management colleagues, vendors, and regulatory personnel.

Sage believes that the Administrator of the center is ultimately responsible for making sure that Company Manners is in place and being implemented every day. The Administrator of each facility makes resident-centered rounds every weekday morning and building/environment-centered rounds every afternoon to assure that Company Manners is well implemented on a day-to-day basis. The Administrator sends out a welcome letter to the guarantors of new residents, and also sends out a letter to guarantors every three months outlining the status and progress of their loved ones.

Our Company Manners philosophy encompasses everything from curb appeal to how staff greet residents, guests, and each other. It emphasizes the importance of first impressions while also implementing a series of helpful “scripts” that assure staff members provide the utmost in service and hospitality to all those they encounter in the course of their work life. The program also includes a system for taking immediate, positive action on complaints or concerns. Plans for incorporating Company Manners into the Adult Recreation and Fine Dining Programs are also introduced.

It is our belief that not only is Company Manners the way in which we want to present our staff and our services; it is also a cost-effective way to give long-term care centers a competitive edge.

Company Manners training, implementation, and quality assurance is also available as a separate package that can be purchased for a particular long-term care center.

Employee Recruitment and Retention

Sage Health Services of Indiana, Inc. endeavors to assist each facility it manages to attract and hire the finest employees possible to meet its needs. It is our philosophy to give equal weight to both an individual’s experience and skill set and his or her attitude. Only individuals who can embrace the Company Manners philosophy and live its tenets on a daily basis are considered for employment.

Sage also puts a premium on retaining good employees. Ongoing employee training and recognition are just two of the ways facilities are encouraged to retain employees. At Sage, we believe that how employees are treated is how they will treat residents, and we strive to have a happy and satisfied work force in each center we manage.

We are skilled in developing employee recruitment plans and are experienced in their implementation. Assistance is readily available from the Sage staff for the development and placement of recruitment ads.

Interviewing strategies, effective orientation programs, employee opinion surveys, area wage and benefit surveys, and exit interview guidelines are all available for implementation. Sage also offers a variety of employee incentive ideas to help centers retain their committed employees.

HIPAA Compliance

Every effort is made to train new employees about HIPAA compliance, as well as to provide ongoing education on the subject. Sage has produced three educational videos on the importance of HIPAA compliance for staff members. The Notice of Privacy Practices contained in our Admission Booklet addresses all aspects of Personal Health Information protection for our residents. Each center has an assigned Privacy Officer to whom concerns or complaints regarding HIPAA compliance may be addressed.

Policies and Procedures

Sage Health Services of Indiana, Inc. has produced a “state-of-the-art” Operational Policies and Procedures Manual that is the envy of other operators. This manual can be customized to meet the needs of any long-term care operation.

Training and Education Services

The key to a successful nursing center operation is a motivated and productive staff. Sage believes that a productive staff is a product of quality training. Motivation and active participation are at the heart of our exceptionally effective training procedures.

First, a thorough needs assessment is conducted by our professional staff and the client is presented with a comprehensive evaluation and list of recommendations. Based on resources and objective goals, a collaborative training program is developed.

Whether you have need of a full spectrum of long-term care related topics or a specific desire for OBRA and MDS training, Sage can help. Consider the following features of our source and support.

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Participatory Seminars
  • Individualized Programs
  • Availability of Complete Inservice Programs for CNAs
  • Training about Changes in Regulations and/or Certification Requirements
  • Regular Updates to Appropriate Department Heads about LTC News and Ideas
  • Video Training Tapes on Specific LTC Topics
  • Free Lending Library

Sage’s expertise in the development of successful training programs is unsurpassed. Which of your professional skills would you like to sharpen? What personal strengths would you like to expand? What are the latest health issues you need to know more about? We invite you to help us design programs to meet your needs.

Sage has training programs developed for a myriad of topics. Sage’s education is interactive and fun, assuring that maximum learning will occur. We can present a program from our menu or develop a custom program specific to a company’s goals.