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Revenue Enhancement

Marketing/Census Development

Sage strives to assure that each long-term care facility it manages provides superior services and presents a positive image to its residents, their families and friends, its referral sources, and the community. Each center’s goal is to maximize its resident population while being an asset to the community. Sage’s Company Manners Program is one cost-effective way to promote the center, as are a variety of programs Sage has developed and implemented to improve census totals and mix. Together, we can develop individualized marketing plans to meet your specific needs.

Advertising assistance with everything from brochures to ad campaigns is also available. Sage will not only help you determine how your services may best be sold, but will also develop a sales campaign to sell them!

Medicare Revenue Enhancement

Sage’s team will begin by assisting you in developing a marketing plan that will focus on referral sources that can provide your facility with additional Medicare eligible customers.

Together, we will develop a strategy to determine the best way to increase your facility’s revenue by maximizing your Medicare reimbursement.

Your staff will learn to set a strategic Assessment Reference Date in order to achieve the most financially beneficial RUG level, use grace days to maximize therapy minutes and capture services, and utilize the Rap Assessment Protocols with the Day 5 MDS assessment to release grace days for the 14-day MDS assessment.

We will instruct your staff in the method to cost out the care of a pending admission and to determine a potential RUG level through the pre-admission process. This alerts the facility to needed equipment and supplies and allows the administrative staff to compare cost versus revenue. Your staff will also learn to work with outside providers to ensure quality services and create limited liability at the facility level.

Our experienced Medicare clinicians are prepared to assist you in maximizing your facility’s Medicare revenue through on-site reviews or integrated computer communication. We are prepared to assist you in increasing your Medicare revenue by using ALL of the RUG levels, NOT just the rehab RUG levels. Many Medicare recipients continue to have skilled nursing needs after they have completed their therapy programs. The facility can implement Nursing Rehab/Restorative programs using CMS guidelines to increase case mix and extend a Medicare stay. Sage clinicians will help you identify related skilled nursing needs, teach your Medicare staff how to document these needs, how to continue to document their daily assessment of ongoing care, and the best ways to describe progress.

Specialty Unit Development

Our team of marketing and clinical experts is ready to assist you in the development and implementation of a variety of specialty units. We will work with your facility’s specific referral sources to identify those clients who have health problems that make it difficult for them to be placed in nursing facilities. We will work with you and your staff to prepare an implementation plan through the development of a marketing plan, policies and procedures, and staff education for your selected specialty area. From ventilator and bariatric units, to secured units for the cognitively impaired, Sage can assist your facility in becoming a well-respected resource within your community.

Ancillary Services Maximization

Let the Sage staff assist you to maximize your revenue through your facility’s ancillary services. We will review your facility’s current revenue generating programs and identify those ancillary areas you might be overlooking. A well-organized medical supply program is essential. Controlling the specific products and ensuring that medical supplies are properly charged to residents is essential to enhancing your bottom line. Medicare Part B therapy services and Part B medical supplies are often overlooked in terms of ancillary maximization.

Restorative nursing programs, depending upon your state’s reimbursement policy, can also be very profitable. Our experienced clinical staff can assist you in implementing nursing restorative programs that will boost your bottom line.