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Accounting Services

Timely and accurate data is imperative to a well-run long-term care facility. At Sage Health Services of Indiana, Inc. we respond to this need with an accounting department that sets new standards in speed, reliability, and affordability. We treat your books, and your budget, as if they were our own.

No other organization has our capabilities and specific expertise, and we back our service with comprehensive training and rigorous quality assurance programs. When you subscribe to our accounting service, your bookkeeper is completely trained and provided with a specific contact person at our Evansville office. Dependable support is more than just a voice on the telephone, but it’s never more than a phone call away. In addition, periodic quality assurance audits are conducted in your business office to assure that your business practices are working to maximize your investment and minimize your handling time.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable in front of a computer terminal. Your trusted office personnel won’t have to be replaced if they don’t want to become keyboard proficient. We give you the option of going online or processing your work manually. If you prefer to maintain manual records, our data entry personnel will process your computer entries at our corporate office. Just fill in a few forms and send them to us.

If you choose online service, access to our Virtual Private Network will be made available. You will then have direct access to our computer center where we maintain an IBM midrange system, complete with specific long-term care accounting software. Whichever option you choose, you will benefit from our exceptional accounting services. Either way, it is not necessary to invest in expensive hardware and complicated software. We meet your needs – simply and directly.

We know that every facility has different and unique needs, but non-operator organizations are not attuned to the specific demands of our industry. Our experience in long-term care allows us to help you accurately assess your requirements and design a cost-effective service plan. Use only what you need – payroll processing, computerized billing, payable processing, or our complete services that can even include receivable collections!

Our services are under the continual supervision of a Certified Public Accountant with 28 years of nursing home experience. If you choose our full-service package, your business practices will be monitored for maximization of cost reimbursement in your state, and your payroll tax documents and cost reports will be quickly and cost-effectively prepared. If you so desire, your financial reports will be reviewed by qualified operators and sent to you with variance narratives designed to help improve your operation.


Sage’s accounting clients enjoy accurate, timely operating information. Our accounting staff is long-term care proficient and conservative. Their expertise avoids the hills and valleys evident in the operating reports seen in less experienced operations.

Sage’s Accounts Payable Package Features:

  • Vendor checks/check register,
  • Accounts payable aging report,
  • Accounts payable journal that provides expense by vendor with detail,
  • Schedule of bills report providing information by vendor for paid or unpaid invoices for a selected period,
  • 1099 processing function, and
  • Cash requirement prelisting for cash control.

Sage’s Payroll Package Features:

  • Employee checks and check register,
  • Timesheets and labels for payroll processing,
  • Hard copy of employee master file,
  • Update register providing all information pertaining to each employee’s check by pay period and year-to-date listing,
  • Benefit and termination report with statistics,
  • Deduction register by type of deduction,
  • Quarterly tax report with magnetic media capabilities,
  • W-2s, and
  • Labor distribution report utilizing both payroll and temporary help hours.

Sage’s General Ledger Package Features:

  • An optimal interface system offering accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll, which can also be utilized as a “stand alone” system,
  • User controlled report formats that can be used for information retrieval, multiple formats, and the ability to run or rerun accounting reports at any time,
  • Comparative historical data,
  • A 12 or 13-period year offering an additional period for separation of year-end adjustment entries,
  • Prior or future period entries with the ability to rerun any financial report for any given period of time, and
  • A budget working subsystem included in the general ledger applications.

Sage Health Services provides superior consultation services in each area listed above. Our healthcare professionals have over 100 years of specialization in the nursing home industry. Why not let those years of experience work for you?

Data processing with Sage means having it your way – fast, accurate, and cost-effective!


Sage is proficient in forecasting and in developing operating plans to achieve such forecasts. We have a quick and easy computerized budgeting package that is specifically applicable to nursing homes.